Corporate culture: in order to enhance the overall management level of our Company and quality of the employee team, and to complete planned objective of the Company’s strategic development, Shentong has explored a develop road which meet both the current status of the Company and the requirement for constructing a modern enterprise. Main in four aspects: spiritual culture, system culture, action culture and material culture. So-called spiritual culture is to shape the Company’s “soul”, mine and carry forward the spirit of the Company, and form a complete set of values and philosophies that all employees shall abide by. System culture is to establish a standard and sound system and scientific and effective appraisal system, strengthen system construction level, lead the Company’s development to scientific management track, and improve the standardization and science of the Company’s management. Action culture is to promote the behavior management standard vigorously, so that the employees may develop their norms of conduct. Implementation of CIS (corporate identity system) strategy and use of means of substances image building may create a good corporate culture and also make our company image better and better.